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The GOODEST: Our Favorite Things to Learn and Do This Past Week- Alessandra Rizzotti wrote in Culture, News, and Do
From freestyle rapping to starting your own compost, we have things for you to learn and do from this past week.
Build a Better Home with These Alternative Construction Methods
Bus Stop Light Therapy Panels Brighten Up the Winter Doldrums
Freestyle Rap Battles Could Boost Student Creativity
This Low-Cost Camera Could Help Save Lives
Bikeshares and Liability: Answering the Sharing Economy’s Legal Questions
One Fix for Rural Indian Girls’ Drop-Out Rate: Access to Affordable Feminine Hygiene
Designing Healthy Doctors: Physicians Take Care of Us, But Who’s Taking Care of Them?
Six Ways to Build a Better Urban Garden
Curbside Composting Gains Steam in Portland, Maine
Tell Them I Built This: With Design Thinking, High Schoolers Reimagine Chicken Coops
In a Fashion-First, H&M Offers Clothing Recycling for Customers
After-school 2.0: How Technology Can Create a Learning Community
Virtual Pet Therapy: Technology Lets Hospitalized Kids Play With Cats
Infographic: The Least and Most Corrupt Governments Around the World
Gift Guide: These Fair Trade Gifts Give Back
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Illustration by Jessica De Jesus