A Climate Change Call to Action
- by Al Gore

In the wake of an election season that cost upward of $6 billion and a historic storm that racked up 10 times that amount in damages, many Americans are cautiously hopeful about the future of climate policy in the United States. But despite past statements of support by President Obama, U.S. political leaders, and international leaders, the rapidly destabilizing climate and increasingly volatile weather do not afford us time to wait for what will likely be—at best—sluggish political movement.

That’s why we need you to bring your GOOD ideas and join leading voices from every time zone for The Climate Reality Project’s 24 Hours of Reality: The Dirty Weather Report, a 24-hour global webcast that will push forward the global agenda fighting the most critical threat this planet may ever face. So thank you!

Strong, decisive action against climate change requires broad involvement and committed engagement from community leaders, activists, academics, philanthropists, parents, scientists, and everyone in between—climate change affects us all.

As a digital community with global reach and wide social accessibility, GOOD has been a successful platform for the pursuit and promotion of progress with respect to climate change and other progressive issues. Communities like yours on local, national, and international levels, are ultimately responsible for driving the collective dialogue, momentum, and action needed against the dangers of climate change.

And so—in this pivotal political moment—Climate Reality aims to capture and showcase the stories of the countries, communities, and individuals affected by our changing climate, in hopes of generating a global conversation that explores not just the negative effects but also the incredible opportunities to create positive change and climate solutions. Join us and your fellow GOOD members at www.climaterealityproject.org to take part in connecting the dots and changing the conversation.

To become a leader in the climate change movement, visit here and pledge your name in support of a better, cleaner tomorrow.

Illustration by Corinna Loo / GIF by Zoe-Zoe Sheen

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