Tell Us How You #promotewomen

Last week, we asked you to do your part to end the gender gap in your industry by promoting women through your networks. The five-minute task: Find three up-and-coming women in your field. Pair them with three established professionals. Then connect them via three quick, personal emails.

Since then, hundreds of you have flexed your fwding skills to help to boost the signal. In the past week, we’ve heard from women nominated for bonuses within their companies, recommended to editors and bosses, and shouted out publicly for doing good work. Now, it’s time to share your story.
Show us how you’re putting your email where your mouth is—tell us about a time when networking helped you or another woman get a leg up, how you’re working to help the up-and-coming women in your networks, and where we should go from here. Send your stories to Tweet it to #promotewomen, comment here, and Tumbl away. We’ll boost your stories to keep the momentum going.

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    Thanks to GOOD and to a GREAT coworker, I was one of the people nominated for bonuses. February, you’ve taken a turn for...
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